La Compagnie et le problème des réfugiés


Around Christmas 1979, the drama lived out by the boat people had struck Father Arrupe. During the year 1980, Father Arrupe had consulted and prayed, trying to find a way for the Society of Jesus to bring consolation and support to the people swept away by such tragedies. From there came the intuition to create a Jesuit refugee service. Father Arrupe explained the reasons for such a decision in this letter to Major Superiors, dated 14 November 1980.

Bibliographic Reference

Pedro Arrupe. La Compagnie et le problème des réfugiés . En: Acta Romana, vol. XVIII. Rome, Italy. (September 13, 1980). pp. 238-256 (ESP.), pp. 257-276 (ENG), pp. 277-296 FR).

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